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Topless Tour Of Canada

Naturist Living Show Episode LXV

A chat with Serenity Hart who is doing a topless tour of Canada this summer. Plus an interview with Kim Rasmussen from Eskesen, makers of the floaty stripper pen; new cabins at Bare Oaks; and Felicity from YNA is back.

Links to items mentioned in the show:

Blog and photos of the new Cabins at Bare Oaks http://www.blog.bareoaks.ca/2014/03/c...
General Coach Canada http://www.generalcoachcanada.com/
Young Naturists America http://yna.me/
Terlam Women's Wellness - weekend co-ed naturist spa in New Jersey http://www.terlam.com/
Eskesen pen company in Denmark http://www.eskesen.com/
Blog about the Bare Oaks Body Liberation Pen http://www.blog.bareoaks.ca/2014/01/b...
The Bare Oaks Liberation Floating Action Pen at the Bare Boutique http://www.bareboutique.ca/index.php?...
YouTube video about the Bare Oaks Body Liberation Floaty Pen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pp6Uf...
Topless Tour de Canada on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TopFreeCanada
Felicity Hart's Tumblr page http://serenityhartsyou.tumblr.com/
Kickstarter Campaign for the Topless Tour de Canada http://kck.st/1kvo46r

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