segunda-feira, 31 de março de 2014

Sex and nakedness bare facts

334 You would think that those sexy nudists would be having sex all the time.  After all, nakedness affords the not only opportunity but the constant visual stimulation that they just can’t turn away from. Imagine they just sit or stand or lie around, naked as the day they were born, admiring each others exciting and attractive bodies, and just reaching out and taking the fruit of their lustful desires for free.  They don’t even have to ask, they just take with no regard for the poor clothed people that have to work so hard just to get a little action.  And then when they’re done they just lie around like like fat sated walruses, just smacking their lips.  It’s just not fair! As a nudist I spend about three quarters of my time naked, and I only wish the above was even remotely true.  Fact of the matter is that nudists…

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